Have various therapeutic properties and can affect people at a psychological, physiological, and cellular level; meaning they can affect our body, our mind, and the link between them.   For me personally, they are an integral part of my health and wellbeing.

Why I work with Young Living Essential Oils

These oils are 100% pure, effective and safe to use.  Young Living practices a Seed to Seal Process, meaning they own and operate all of their own farms all around the globe and place stringent policies to ensure the highest quality possible and to capture all the benefits that a particular plant has to offer, not just it's perfume fragrance.  I highly encourage you to do your research on essential oils, as they are not regulated by the FDA.  

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How do you use Essential Oils?

Essential Oils can be used during any daily activity or practice for enhanced personal support. I use essential oils for many different reasons, mostly for my clients, my family and my personal emotional health and wellbeing.  My favorites are PURIFICATION, PEACE & CALMING and STRESS AWAY.  I diffuse oils to clean and clear the air in the office, and at home.  This practice now feels essential in our regular lives, especially with teenage boys, smelly shoes, and dirty dogs!!  

The best way to get started learning about essential oils is by talking with friends, reading up on the subject and or attending one of our regular essential oil workshops.  Put your health and wellbeing first and education yourself about what you are putting on your body, in your body, and in the air you breath.  Knowledge is power!


Getting Started

It is recommended if you are new to essential oils, to join Virginia Merriam and myself for an Intro to Essential Oils 101 class.  We try to host this class once a month.  Check out the events calendar for dates.

To begin your exploration with essential oils the Young Living's Premium Starter Kit is the best starting point.  It comes with a diffuser and the top most readily used essential oils on the market .  It is the most affordable way to get you introduced and started with essential oils.  

If you would simply like to start with one or two different scents, that is fine too!  


  • You can contact me directly via email form below or order online.


  • Go to the Young Living Member Sign Up page here
  • Select Whole-Sale Member
  • Fill out Enroller and Sponsor ID with my # 3387089
  • Choose the Premium Starter Kit with DewDrop Diffuser
  • You can choose to sign-on for Essential Rewards (a monthly savings plan, or you may pass this step if you prefer)
  • Confirm your order!

If you have any questions, I would be happy to assist!

In health,

Jennifer Moody

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