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February Healing Retreat - Roots of Love

Join us for a divine healing retreat this month.  We will tap into the deepest part of who you are through your heart center.  Opening and expanding the heart from the base of its roots assists in bringing your truest essence to the surface.  Living life from the heart center is radiant and beautiful ... and unbelievably magnetic.  Our goal is to make this retreat a space of healing that allows you to explore what it means to tap into the heart.  

With an ambiance sure to be inviting, we will welcome you into a space enveloped in beautiful aromas, romantically lit with candles and the sense of peace in the air.  Collectively, sharing in healing space to transform the heart center.  Here you will be exposed to empowering self care techniques, with restorative yoga at the heart and foundation of the class.  Bring a friend or loved one with you, so the two of you can make note on what it takes to tap into the divine.  Leave feeling reunited with your roots to the heart center, ready to share and bask in these rich gifts of love.  

For the majority of the retreat, you will be supported and bolstered in restorative yoga postures on a mat. You will be encouraged to completely surrender. The only "hard" work you need to do, is to completely let go, and open to the powers of your organic life flow that resides within.  No yoga experience necessary.

Cost: $40

Registration CLOSED - We are full.  We hope you consider joining us for our next one!


Jennifer and Virginia offer monthly restorative retreats that incorporate a specific theme, energy/bodywork, sound bowls, aromatherapy and healing stones.  Restorative healing is personal and very healing for those who are ready and open to the process.  As hosts, they provide a safe, non-intimidating environment for participants to explore this potential.   They look forward to sharing this healing space with you when you are ready.
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