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Crystal Grid Healing Restorative Retreat

  • River Arts 74 Pleasant Street Morrisville, VT (map)

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

Grids are everywhere in our world. They are found throughout nature: in the perfect spiral of a sunflower, the magical curves of seashells, in the cells of honeycomb, or hidden in the beauty of a single snowflake.

Crystal grids have been used for thousands of years. Crystal grids are used to make a group of crystals vibrate higher so their metaphysical properties are magnified. Using crystal grids in your spiritual practice has many benefits – including deepening your meditation practice, cleansing your space, manifesting, and/or raising the vibration of your home.

Whether you are slightly familiar with crystals, use them every day, or have never even touched one, making a crystal grid is a fun, fulfilling, and meditative practice that can help you increase your vibration, connect deeply, and tap into your divine nature.

During this retreat you will create your own unique crystal grid. Then surrounded by the healing energies of your grid we will release slowly and deeply into a healing restorative yoga practice.  

Cost: $40

Registration Required - click here

**Our healing retreats are much more than a yoga class.  We are consciously creating space for participants to share in collective, transformational, and powerful healing.  Depending on our monthly theme, this often requires considerable planning, preparing and purchasing of certain items.  With this, we are asking that a non-refundable payment is due at time of registration. **