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prenatal massage

60min - $65 | 75min - $75 | 90min - $90

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60min $220 | 75min $260 | 90min $300 (4mnth expiration - all appointments pre-booked)

Prenatal massage has many benefits.  Highly loved because of it's relaxing qualities of calming the nervous system, and also for its structural assistance.  The beautiful growing child within is demanding on the mom's body, drawing from it important sources of nourishment, creating movement, pressure and tension in the body.  This process of growth within affects the mom both physiologically and anatomically.  It is very helpful to all the systems of the body to receive regular massage.  It not only helps the body to stay aligned, but it also helps keep the lymphatic fluid moving reducing inflammation and water retention.  


Infant & Child Massage

25min - $30

Massage is a beautiful way to show your child connection, love and affection.  Infant and Child massage is primarily swedish and lymphatic massage.  The goal is to create movement in the lymphatic system and help calm the nervous system.  Parents are required to stay during the treatment, and will also be part of the process, learning how to massage their child.


Teen Massage

50min - $50

There is no age that massage is better for than another.  Teens need touch too and more than ever, a disconnect from devices and technology.  Help them reboot their systems by encouraging mindful relaxation practices.   This treatment is primarily swedish and lymphatic massage.  If the child has received massage regularly, they may request deeper pressure.


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