My recent daily addiction.  A couple months ago, my body started craving a detox and fast (I chose an intermittent fast).  This smoothie soon became a staple for me.  Intuitively, my body was calling for these essential nutrients.   

The Green Goddess

In an 8oz jar (I blend with a hand mixer):

1 Organic Banana
4 Tbl of Organic Hemp Protein Powder (vanilla flavor)
1 Tbl of Organic Cacao powder
1 Tbl of Organic Maca powder
1 heaping Tsp of Organic Spirulina Powder 

Fill with your choice of liquid. My first choice is Nigerian Dwarf goats milk (high in B Vitamins), second choice is Brown Rice Milk, and third would be water... I also sometimes add a bit of Flaxseed Oil to it as well.  

Get creative!