Integrative Massage

Integrative massage

60min - $75 | 90min - $110 | 120min - $150

 Massage strengthens the cardiovascular system. It wakes up the body through moving and pushing stagnant fluid. This movement helps to break up and rid the body of toxins. Toxins love to create a home in your muscles, blood, bones and organs. Without movement, proper sleep, diet, and regular massage, these toxins can create disease.

Each client is unique and requires a different approach or treatment. Integrative massage means you are being worked on intuitively – some treatments incorporate many different modalities such as Reiki, Deep Tissue, Thai Yoga, Shiatsu, Myofascial Release, and Swedish.  Aromatherapy, heat, arnica and healing stones are often used during treatments to assist and enhance healing.

Your First Treatment?  Massage can be done fully clothed, but is not recommended.  For a therapeutic massage treatment, the client is unclothed, and professionally draped under sheets or towels.  The therapist uses long and short strokes on the muscles with modest amounts of oil, to break up fascial restrictions.  Every person experiences bodywork differently and depending on what is moved within the muscles memory, the response may be dramatic or subtle.  After treatment, it is recommended that clients allow the bodywork to fully integrate, resting, warm salt soaks and hydrating are encouraged.  Clients often will feel calm and deeply relaxed after treatment, thirsty and some may experience muscle soreness.  

New Clients Please fill out the Medical Health History Form prior to your first appointment.