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More important than her education, is her intention and dedication to her clients.  

"To me, presence is the most important part of healing... it doesn't matter if I am working one on one with a client, leading a restorative healing retreat, or teaching a class, I see my job as a beautiful and artful meditation, and each person deserves the best of me. I can only give my best if I am present. When I do, it is remarkable how the other persons body starts that brilliant healing and transformative process."

Jennifer’s exposure to fitness and children has been present in her life since she was very young.  Always a ring leader - she was one of the oldest cousins out of 29 and second oldest out of 5 siblings.  She was always called upon when there was a question of "what to do?"  Leading her siblings, cousins and neighbors was second nature.  You could find her climbing trees, making forts, leading outdoor races & games, embarking on mountain adventures, playing teacher, and engaging in quiet creative projects.  It was no surprise that many of her jobs related to recreation and movement.  

It wasn't until she was in College that she was exposed to massage therapy.  Immediately fascinated and drawn in.  She new at once she would help people heal through this modality.  Her teammates would call upon her for her intuitive touch.  Soon becoming the "unofficial" team massage therapist.  

Time passed and it wasn't until years later that her dream would start to take shape. It started at CCMT (CT Center for Massage Therapy) in Newington, CT, where she worked as Assistant Dean.  This was the door that opened to what seemed like a long lost dream.  From there, her life started to unfold in a direction she never new possible.

Now, as a practitioner and a former competitive athlete, she has profound appreciation for the healing arts and their benefits.  

"I am lost for words. The personal growth and healing I have experienced through receiving healing work, has transformed how I live in this world. I am deeply indebted to those who have shared their knowledge, stories, hands and heart with me. And it is through my healing experience, that I have gained the experience necessary to help others. For this, I am grateful."

She is inspired by those who strive to build a better world, is encouraged by those who create change, and is honored by those that lead & teach.


A Gateway to Your Wellbeing

Join Jennifer for one on one bodywork sessions, restorative healing retreats, classes, workshops or anything else she is inspired to offer!  

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