Fitness Fusion Workout #5

Hey Friends,

It dawned on me that I could share the workouts with you online!  If you happened to miss our last workout or simply want to do them again, I will be posting them here to the blog!  I will start investigating how I can video these exercises.  I know I appreciate watching them performed.  For now, I will do my best to explain them below.

Week #5

Warm-up 10-15mins of mindful breathing, silent meditation and sun salutations


1min for each exercise

1.  Jump Rope - if you don't have one, imagine you do!  The goal here is to keep the body moving and to get the heart rate up.

15sec rest between each exercise

2.  Plank w/ Cone Stack - use anything that you can stack and unstack, we used 4 small soccer cones.  The object is to isolate the core and use one hand to move the cones across the body to the other side, either over or under the shoulders, and down towards the hips and ankles.  Using the other hand to support and stabilize the body in plank.  Then switch stabilizing arms.  Come down to knees if this is too much.  If you have shoulder issues, do this against the wall and imagine you are stacking and unstacking 4 cones.

3.  Band Row with Squat - use a band or hand weights.  Wrap the band around something that is very sturdy and will not move.  Have the band be about waist height or lower.  Start in a squat position (if this is too much, sit in a chair).  Reach arms straight out at core height and pull bands straight back in towards your core.  Arms should be tucked in tight near the side body, shoulders away from ears, core engaged.  Keep the movement steady and try to not let the bands yank you back.  Be fluid with you movements!  And breathe.

4.  Happy Jacks - similar to a jumping jack but with added fun. Object is to side crunch the elbow and knees close together.  Start standing, reach right arm up, and bending at the elbow, bring the arm down, as you simultaneously bring your right knee up to meet the elbow.  This is lateral, side body movement.  Repeat on the other side.  Once you get the rhythm down, increase your pace and start hoping when lifting the knee!   

5.  Lateral Slide/Shuffle - we used napkins to laterally slide side to side.  Start with a cloth napkin under both feet, feet together, and push off and slide away from the opposite foot, bring both feet back together, then repeat in the opposite direction.  You look like you are skating left and right.  You want to feel this in the lateral hip.  You can keep your hands on your hips or bring them in front of your chest, and isolate your core.

6.  Stationary Cross Country Runner - start standing tall, step right foot back while bringing left arm straight out in front of chest.  Then switching arms and legs.  Your movement is going to be in unison, swinging both left and right arms in sync with the movement of your feet.  Once you get the rhythm, increase your pace to as fast as you can go.  Imagine you are xc-skiing!

7.  Squat w/ Mini Hop- Stand with hips slightly shoulder width apart with feet pointing forward, with a slight outer rotation (play around with feet stances to see where you feel comfortable), start standing.  Squat down like you are sitting in a chair, pushing your booty back behind you, keeping your vision in front of you, arms come straight out in front of your chest.  When you press back up, drop the arms near your waist and power yourself up for a mini hop.  Repeat as many of these squats as you can. 

1min recovery rest after all 7 exercises are complete- then repeat 2 more times!

Cool Down - 10-15mins slow, deep stretching, mindful breathing and meditation


Make Movement Your Mission!

Jennifer Moody