We Raised Over $1000!

Lukas' Education Fund

We raised $1,008

Thank you for supporting this cause! 

Collectively we gathered together in fitness to raise money for Suicide Awareness and Prevention.  All proceeds went to my cousins son, Lukas, who is a survivor of suicide.  My cousin died by suicide January 2018, leaving behind a young son, and many family members and friends who will forever miss him.  This is not the only story and only family that has suffered from this illness.  As we gathered together, the energy we created had a purpose, and that was to create change.  We can make a difference in peoples lives.  A simple smile may be all that person needs for the day to know they are seen and recognized.  Thank you for sharing your love, light and offering hope to a better way.  

A HUGE thank you to our contributors, your generosity is recognized and deeply appreciated!  If you contributed and your name is not on the list, please email me jennifer@blackbirdwellnessvt.com

Abigail Amer

Tammy Bourne

Juile Chauvin

Jenna Chauvin

Mary Chicoine

Joanne Demasi

Heidi Dwyer

Becca Field

Blythe Gould

Claire Hancock

Leah Hollenberg

Dede Larow

Jackson Littlefield

Adam Littlefield

Sandra Marriott

Janet Marriott

Libbie Moeykens

Dawn Mulheron

Emily Neilsen

Diane Nicholls

Sue Nicholls

Jane Paine

Dr. Purdy

Stephanie Robinson-Nigro

Heather Schleupner

Sheila Tymon

Elly Ventura

Loretta Wescom

Cassandra Wescom

Leonard Wing

Jennifer Moody