Grounding into November

The leaves have all fallen from the trees where we live.  And the smells of Autumn are deeply upon us.  I have always loved New England for the variety of seasons.  As mother nature prepares us for a new temperature , we are intuitively invited to make changes to follow in these natural rhythms.  It is no coincidence that we start to be drawn towards foods and events that bring us closer to the earth ... rooting and grounding us.

This time of year, is a welcome change I look forward to.  For me, I love the fall for the smells and comforts it brings.  We start bringing the harvest inside - and soon the home wafts with beautiful aromatic smells of apples, cinnamon, squash and potatoes to name a few.  

There is an abundance of strength and grounding that starts to happen organically during this season.  We are naturally preparing for the winter... a quieter and more reflective time.  I invite you to tune into your connection with this time of year, and ask yourself if you are moving in rhythm with nature.  Smell the depth of the season ... the leaves, the fallen apples, the roots that lie beneath your feet. 

Change is inevitable, embrace the new season and all the beauty it has to offer you.

This month, I am being called to share my recent explorations and discoveries in our collective wellness world.  To me, wellness is a complete full circle ... balancing the physical, mental and spiritual realms of our being.  

It is a daily practice to live a balanced life.  

Each day, each hour, each minute we are given the opportunity to make new choices and experience life with ease, beauty and freedom.... it's just up to us to recognize the opportunities and take advantage of these moments.  We are our greatest masterpieces, a mirror image of exactly what we are manifesting.  It is often hard for us to hear that we create our own reality ... but it is true.  The lessons we are given in life are exactly that, "lessons."   Valuable opportunities for us to learn and grow.  We cannot know the light without the dark, and there is no dark without light.  
Wake up each morning and promise yourself to give the very best you can give for today.  

Nothing more, nothing less.




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