Spa Treatments

Looking for deeper relaxation and surrender in your massage? Maybe try a delicious spa treatment …

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Herbal Facial Steam

60min - $90 | 90min - $135

Bringing love from nature to your massage experience. Enjoy this very relaxing and calming full body massage treatment with a beautiful blend of organic herbs of lavender, calendula, comfrey, chamomile and rose petal. Tented, your head and neck will be surrounded by this aromatic steam while receiving massage to your legs and back … finishing with a rose petal cream application to the face and herbal oil massage to your hands and feet. A very soothing, nurturing, and nourishing experience.

Clarity Sugar Scrub

60min - $90 | 90min - $135

Tapping into that place of insight and gate of intuition. Using essential oils to stimulate clarity and vision, delight in this aromatic and skin-tastic treatment. Exfoliating and nourishing the skin with both a sugar scrub and a body butter application, this massage will unlock your potential, sooth and moisturize your skin, and leave you feeling completely restored and relaxed. Ahhh…

Detox Foot Soak

60min - $90 | 90min - $135

This treatment starts with a hot aromatic foot bath with herbs and essential oils to cleanse and clear your senses. Inviting stagnant energy to be released through the feet, using salts and essential oils specific to cleanse and detoxify the body. Finishing with a full body massage, using oils to leave the skin feeling fresh and renewed.

To book a spa treatment please call Jennifer at 802.730.0630