A safe place to heal


"I’m a lifetime athlete now two years out from a life-threatening skiing accident. I’ve had a LOT of massage experience over the years and now survive massage to massage. 

Jennifer Moody simply has a special touch. Her ability to find deep tissue release with such minimal application of force is an art form. It’s a remarkable pair of healing hands."

— Kermit Hummel

"I was referred to Jen . She has helped me so much during the last year and a half. I had a knee replacement and my leg was not as good as it should have been. Through massage and stretching I am making a great deal of progress physically and emotionally with her help. I have also learned to relax. Thanks Jen."

— Loretta Wescom

“Jen is an incredibly talented massage therapist and a gifted healer. She is very intuitive, always finding where I need the most work. For me, she gets in deep to work out old injuries but I hear her gentle massage is great too! I always leave her table feeling amazing.”

— Calef Letourney

"Getting body work from Jen always has a big positive impact on my day, and my week.  She’s tuned in and working with tension and energy in a very high level way.  Well worth it, every time."

— Benjamin Wiggins