Feel Your Pure Potential


Blackbird Wellness VT

A gateway to wellbeing

92 Lower Main Street Morrisville, VT 05661

Beloved Blackbird,

Thank you for awakening the mind with awareness as changes of perceptions unfold. Thank you for stirring psychic abilities and brining consciousness latent healing gifts and creativity. Thank you for showing us how to move gracefully with determination, focus and tenacity … and how to use our power to its fullest potential. Thank you for guiding us into this new awakening that is paired with balance and grounding within the earth as we walk our path. Thank you for teaching us how to trust our intuition that will aid us in understanding Mother Nature and the connection to all things. Thank you for helping us listen to the seen and unseen worlds and for teaching us how to balance our energies. Thank you for bringing us new surprises when we least expect it and for encouraging us to pay attention and listen carefully to your messages.

With Loving Gratitude,

Jennifer, Azwala, Heather, Diane, Tisha and Lacy